Havet är djuuuuuupt

Haha jag Hade tråkigt så jag hittade en kul app där man skriver sina namn och så får man en förklaring på de! Så ja körde mitt och linneas namn Hahahahahaha här e linneas förklaring
An insanely beautiful person who has yet to come to terms with how beautiful she really is.
Se is smart, but not nerdy or bookish, and often is perpetually surrounded by Siblings (normally older). VERY athletic in many sports and mediums.
Linneas are very easy to become friends with but only have one true best friend.

A word used when describing a girl that seems perfect. Usually a beautiful, smart, down-to-earth, funny, cute, sexy and mysterious girl.

Also, "Linnea" can be used when describing a girl that every guy wants to get their hands on, but no one can seem to actually get her.

Hon fick två förklaringar för båda stämde så bra!

Här e min
A girl who is the best in bed. She is a fast learner, which comes in handy. A Nathalie is one of the most beautiful things that your eyes will lay on, although she tends to have a temper. So don't mess with her.
She's a player, but can stick to one guy. Nathalie manages to get all the guys on her. She is a keeper, as long as you know how to treat her. You must never have her depressed, or you will never see the good in her. She has to almost always be happy in order to have full energy and to keep a smile on your face as well. All the guys are tempted to kiss her because of her full, soft lips. She can be agressive, so she'll need someone who can handle her.

Lättroad man kan vara ibland!(Y)


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